“Chameleone is Cursed because he Wronged many People ” – TUFF B Reveals




Media personality and Artist Robert Ssekidde alias TUFF B claims that Singer Jose Chameleone will continue suffering because he wronged many people who cursed him .

This comes after Chameleone’s recent visit to president Museveni’s brother Salim Saleh with his other super star association artists for relief fund.

Tuff B during his recent interview with Industrial area based station asserted that Chameleone would not be an artist who is begging now because he used to earn over 300M from concerts ten years ago but he wronged people whose tears and curses have kept him in a begging state .

He advised him to apologise to them so that he can leave good life and his wealth be blessed too.

” Indeed it is absurd that Jose Chameleone, an artiste who was earning over 300million from concerts ten years ago would be begging today. My advice to him is that he should go apologise to all of the people he wronged. It’s the curses and tears of the people he wronged that have kept him in the state he is in. Even if Gen Salim Saleh gave him a billion but with these curses still existent, he would still blow it up in weeks.”,Tuff B said .

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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