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Catherine Kusasira Regrets Joining Politics

Presidential advisor and singer Catherine Kusasira has revealed that she regrets joining politics.

In 2019 ,NRM party chairman ,Museveni recruited several musicians to drum up support for his 2021 and Catherine with among them , she was even appointed presidential advisor on matters of Kampala.

Now seems the tables are turning after Catherine Kusasira.

In an interview Kusasira said that she regrets joining politics because she has lost a lot .

That her joining politics even her music career drained because her loyal fans started abusing her ,chasing her off stages and even music promoters stopped booking her for shows because her affiliation certain politicial party something which her to restore to loans to maintain her standard of living

He recalled events when she was chased off stages by fans and even she was sent off at burial ceremony because of her politicial party .

“Every time I face hardships then I regret to some extent why I joined politics because I have surely lost a lot .My music career went to drain at some point since fans threw bottles at me on stages where I went to perform,I was sent off a burial ceremony at some point just because of my political party “. ,Catherine Kusasira Said.

Catherine Kusasira

She further complained about how she has so far lost a lot of her own property which she worked for before joining politics and showing solid support for the Head of State, something that she regrets.As she closed her lamenting, Kusasira sounded positive saying she has hope that the President will one time fulfill his earlier promises despite the so many bad-hearted people next to him that are making her life miserable.

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KY Jamal
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