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Catherine Kusasira Accused of not Paying for her Hair Worth shs300k, Brian Barber Threatens to Sue Her

Popular city hairstylist/ barber, Brian Lutaaya commonly known as  Brian Barber has threatened to sue Golden production band musician and presidential advisor, Catherine Kusasira for ‘failing’ to pay a hair worth Shs 300k.

The barber made the allegations during his interview with NBS TV’s uncut show claiming that the debt occurred in 2019 when Kusasira staged her ‘Tears of a Woman’ concert that was graced by fountain of honor at Serena Hotel.

Brian Barber, says, the Golden Band artist hired him as her official barber for the concert and agreed a payment of Shs200k.

Lutaaya further accuses  that while offering the hair service, she asked him if he had Shs 100,000 with him so she could give it to her kids to buy something to eat which he says did, making it a total of Shs 300, 000.

“She told me, a one Amina would give me the money. During the process, some people came and told her that the President had arrived and that she was supposed to go immediately and sing for him and there was no way of asking her for my money”- Brian said in an interview.

While she was leaving, Lutaaya says he tried to remind her to pay him for the service but she ignored him. “She told me to come to the concert saying Amina would pay me. She was whisked away in her gown attire and that the last time i saw her”.

He says he has been calling her since then only for her to tell him that she would only pay him Shs100k.

Asked why he has just come out on the matter after two years, Lutaaya maintained he had trusted her but due to COVID-19 circumstances that saw him lose his business; he has been home and says that the money would have helped him to feed his children.

Brain, who says got to know Kusasira through a manicurist, has threatened to dump his children at singer’s home to feed them or report her to police should she fail to pay him.


“I have all the evidence. I have all voice notes of the manicurist reminding her to pay my money. She will also compensate for the expenses I have incurred over the two years”.

He denies he is looking for fame saying he works from home and wants his hard earned money to take care of his family.

However when she was reached, Catherine Kusasira denied the accusations saying she has no idea who Smart Barber is. The singer added she can’t fail to pay such ‘little money’.

“Tell him to call me. I don’t know him” – she said.








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