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Cassava War: You’re a Useless Prostitute who wants to Seduce my man” – Mesach Semakula’s Wife Blasts Precious Remmie

Sarah Nakayi - Mesach Semakula - Precious Remmie
Sarah Nakayi - Mesach Semakula - Precious Remmie

Fresh news coming in from Celeb Patrol reliable sources indicates how Spark Tv Live wire  Presenter recently survived being thumped by legendary and singer Mesach Semakula’s wife known as Sarah Nakayi.

According to news reports, Precious Remmie has for the past months been frequenting the singer’s popular hang out known as Papas Spot Makindye something that raised queries in Sarah  Nakayi’s head.

Sources report that Precious Remmie and Mesach have always been spotted together at Papas Spot and the two seemed to have chemistry. It is said that she was always treated in a special way by waiters every time she went there.

 Also, the singer’s romance with Precious was further confirmed when she features in his “Onkuba” video as a vixen.

Precious Remmie & Mesach Semakula
Precious Remmie & Mesach Semakula

Our snoops revealed that Nakayi unexpectedly showed up at her husband’s hangout and spotted Precious Remmie and Mesach acting all lovie davy.

She immediately struck with insults warning Spark tv presenter off her husband. Nakayi vowed to teach Remmie a lesson if she ever stepped a foot at Papas Spot again.

Eye witnesses said that humiliated Precious Remmie walked away as people looked on.

Mesach Semakula & Wife Sarah
Mesach Semakula & Wife Sarah

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