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Burial conductor Godfrey Jjemba Runs back to Farming for Survival After Being used and Dumped

The sensational Kayunga District burial conductor, Godfrey Jjemba has resorted back to Farming for Survival after reportedly being used and dumped by politicians and fellow celebrities.

The 69-year-old, a resident of Mbulakati village in Kayunga District found himself trending on internet, making him a subject of discussion on most used social media platforms with memes and cartoons caricatured out of him due to his unique style of reading burial announcements.

As Jjemba’s unique style of reading burial announcements went viral, making him a household name in Uganda as many celebrities, especially local musicians and politicians frequented his home and offered him some food and financial support, among household items that were intended to change the burial conductor’s life.

Among the items offered to him were a flat television set, iron sheets, a solar system, two mobile phones, floor tiles, cement, a radio set and clothes for himself and his wife Ms Joyce Nakabazzi.

He also received pledges like a community radio, a motorcycle and window and door glasses, which he says have never been fulfilled.

“People still call me a celebrity but I have reverted to farming because some people came here and used me for their selfish interests and then abandoned me.”,he said .

He further added that there’s a prominent pastor based in Kampala who promised to give me window shutters and glasses for my new house but he’s yet to fulfill the pledge. You can see how a person they call a celebrity sleeps.

He has also vowed to shun the media unless money is involved disclosing that he is planning to return to his job as a tax collector in the community markets of kitimbwa and Kayonza

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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