Buchaman Thrown out of the House over Unpaid Rent Arrears




Former presidential adviser on Ghetto Affairs and Singer Mark Bugembe alias Buchman and family have been thrown out of house over unpaid rent arrears.

The singer is accordingly owning his landlord Mr kityo over 5.8 millions rent arrears for the last six months he spent enjoying his landlord’s shelter without payment no wonder he was issued with notice / ultimatum to vacate his rental.

According to mankidye Luwafu and caretaker of the rentals claimed that they have been having misunderstandings with Buchaman and he was always paying poorly and that he was meant to pay 900,000 monthly but he failed to fullfill his obligation which forced them to evict him out of the house.

Close Source revealed to us that he is now opting to take an offer of a kazigo from one of his friends where he wilm be seeking refugee for a while with his family till situation normalizes.

We shall keep you updated.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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