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Bruno K Reveals More Shocking Details About Black Market Records


Singer Bruno K has hit back at his former Management Black market records who threatened to sue him for defamation.

Bruno k his socials trashes the allegations that he is defaming Black Market records claims that his YouTube channel  was monitised in 2020 and used to earn 1000usd before joining them but he was Black market  sending his manager 20000 for full from his channel and tasked them to produce screen shots of his earnings from YouTube to prove because he is bad mouthing record name.

Added that he never signed contract with them  to have rights to his Old music as they say and claiming for them.That   he is prevailing the public with facts not falsehood as label alleges and ready to face them in courts of law.

“Am still wondering how Black market sent my manager 20,000/= UGX (EMITWALO EBIRI) mbu its the money they collected in a year. My YouTube channel got monitised in 2020 with the help of Mr Sam Yigga and from 2020 to 2021 i have made 1000usds as you can all see.”

“Thats minus iTunes, Spotify, tidal and so many more streaming platforms. I dare black market record to produce such screen shots of my earnings not excel engineered royalities created by them.”

“And am also daring black market to show me a clause in the contract we signed which shows that I gave them the right to my old music. Present the signature which authorises you to put tags on my old music. The rest will be solved by God and the law. My fanz I come to you with facts not falsehoods like some people did. God bless you all.”,He Posted.

Bruno k has for a while made Black Market a big topic and he has been on several interviews only to talk about dark side and their fraud which made him to quite.

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Not this time around  ! Black market came out threatening to sue him  for defamation in defence for their name claiming that they invested a lot in him and he had gone a step lower with personal attacks and that they will deal with him.

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