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Brian Mulondo Asks King Saha to use Chewing Gum After Smoking Weed

Medi personality Brian Mulondo has come out and asks singer Mansoor Ssemanda alias King Saha to use Chewing gum after smoking weed ,claiming that he has bad stinky breath.

King Saha is among the several Ugandan artists who are wasted or losing out their talent because of weed .

During his morning radio show on KFM, the seemingly fed up DSTV Local Content Manager has not had kind words for King Saha thereby accusing him of stinking for guests.

According to Mulondo, King Saha’s manager should see to it that the artiste is given chewing gum before he performs at major events

“To be honest, Saha’s manager has to speak to him about his bad smell. Am not refusing him to smoke his weed but he shouldn’t turn up for a wedding gig while smelling weed. He makes it unbearable for the people he is entertaining otherwise, he should learn to use chewing gum or bathe and apply Dior,” Brian Mulondo started.

When Bebe Cool advised King Saha to stop smoking weed, he latter took it personal thereby throwing jibes at the legendary singer.

King Saha went on to drop a song dubbed “Zakayo” attacking Bebe Cool who has since given him a deaf ear.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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