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Boys Used to Fight for Me in School – Precious Remmie

Media Personality Remmah Nakitto aka Precious Remmie has disclosed that boys Used to fight for her while still in school.

She said that was that pretty girl in school with a unique lifestyle ,proud and frequent in English since she was doing literature that even the teachers liked her from the headmaster .

She further said that she had different life ,people looked up her to extent that boys used to fight each over her in dormitories .

“I had a different life,… people looked up to me. Boys used to punch each other over me in dormitories… I was extraordinary, students would fight for me, footballers, those in entertainment,” she said

“I just don’t talk to anyone. Even a person talking to me,… [just being seen talking to me would earn you anyone’s respect in school]… we used to move in a group of three girls, my friends still remember that… you do things for beautiful people, always smart… we would have boyfriends who were also exceptional.”she added.

Remmie is currently engaged to Raymond Bindeeba who she introduced to her parents a few months ago in colorful ceremony.

Precious Remmie – Raymond Bindeeba

Lastly they celebrated their first marriage anniversary as husband and wife despite the challenges faced in their relationship since they got engaged in October 2021

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KY Jamal
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