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Bobi Wine Reveals Shocking Reasons Why Nubian Li & Eddie Mutwe are Still in Prison

Eddie Mutwe = Bobi Wine - Nubian Li
Eddie Mutwe = Bobi Wine - Nubian Li

National Unity Platform (NUP) President Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine has revealed shocking reasons as to why his Body Guard known as Eddy Mutwe and his closest associate Nubian Li were arrested.

In a facebook post, Bobi Wine said that Nubian Li and Eddie Mutwe are being punished for rejecting money offers from the Government to betray him.

It should be noted that Nubian Li and Eddie Mutwe were arrested with 34 other NUP supporters were arrested on December 30 last year, but surprisingly, they are being charged for the crime they allegedly committed on January 3 this year.

They were produced in court martial a number of times for the hearing of their bail application but have always been sent back to prison something that has angered several NUP supporters and their President Bobi Wine,


“Their stated crime according to the charge sheet is unlawful possession of ammunition, an offence they apparently committed on 3rd January when they were already under military custody. But we all know their real crime, don’t we?

Museveni is punishing them for believing that Uganda deserves better. He is punishing them for associating with me. He is punishing them for daring to dream that a New Uganda is possible.

“For comrades like Nubian Li and Eddie Mutwe, their crime is even more severe. How dare they reject the many offers of money which the regime made to them to betray me? For the past three years, the regime has sent countless envoys to all people I work with closely,” Bobi Wine wrote..

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“These two flatly rejected these offers and the envoys were very clear – ‘You will not love the consequences.’ Some as we all know accepted the offers and chose to work for the dictator!” Bobi Wine explained.

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