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Black Market Records Puts up 3.5M Offer to Anyone who Retrieves Nina Roz’s YouTube Channel

Nina Roz

American based record label, Black Market Records has put up a juicy offer to anyone who can retrieve singer Nina Roz’s YouTube channel.

The offer is 1,000 USD which, in Ugandan shillings would be over 3.5 millions.

This is after Nina Roz accused the label of pulling down her YouTube channel and denying her access to her own earnings from the channel.

However, BMR believes that Nina Roz hid her own channel from them including the log in details and revenue earned from the video giant.


In a press release, BMR management thus offered 1000 USD to anyone who retrieves the singer’s channel since the said channel has other songs besides Roz’s.

“We as Black Market Records we don’t know anything about the whereabouts of Nina Roz’s YouTube channel but we are looking for it. It has our songs. Whoever manages to bring it to us will get a price of USD 1000 cash.” the statement reads.

While it is believed Nina Roz is no longer under the BMR management, BMR believes she is still signed to them since their contract is for five years.

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