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Big Eye Starboss Explains Fight with DJ At Eddy Kenzo’ s Festival

Following the story doing rounds that singer Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye Starboss was involved in heated up scuffle over yesterday with DJ on stage at Eddy Kenzo Festival, the ‘ husband material ‘ singer has come out to defend himself.

While speaking to the Journalists shortly after the show ,Big Eye said that he was infuriated by the fact that he invested alot of time and money in his new song and he couldn’t understand why the deejay would refuse to play it .

” I came to sing and have fun still.How could he have refused to play my latest song ,My favorite song .You don’t know how much I have invested to put that song in place “,Big Eye said .

He further apologized for causing a stir on stage and noted that it was never his intention to disrupt such a good event before apologizing to Eddy Kenzo and congratulating him upon holding such a great show .

” I’m sorry to my brother Kenzo,I never wanted it to happen like that .I congratulate him , I respect his show ,he added.

It is said that the scuffle was as result of Deejay’s refuse to Big Eye ‘s latest song dubbed Husband Material,midway his performance.

Which infuriated the singer to the extent of attacking deejay physically until bouncers separated them and dragged him off the stage

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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