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Bettinah Tianah Responds to criticism of her Dark Skin Tone

Model ,beautician and former media personality Betty Nassali alias Bettinah Tianah has responded to people who criticized her noticeably dark skin tone .

Bettinah has been one of the victims of body shaming especially on social media where she has acknowledged receiving body- shaming messages from strangers .

Taking it to socials ,she revealed that she is unbothered by critics roasting her skin tone
Saying that she is proud of how dark skin tone has enabled her to achieve so much business -wise as she now owns entire organic skin care products brand through which she helps people appreciate their natural beauty.

“In this day and age, I still find comments under my posts where men think calling me black thighs is an insult. My skin has changed my life financially, through my organic skincare brand,” she partly wrote on Facebook.

“We continue to help people of every color to nourish and love their natural beauty. I’ll continue to stand for what I believe in; Black is beauty! I will never be ashamed of my skin. Life on earth started in Africa, ain’t that something to be proud of? I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT MY BLACK!”,she wrote.

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KY Jamal
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