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“Beti Kamya as the IGG is a Total waste of that Office ” – Odongo Otto


Hours after former Minister for Kampala Beti Olive Namisango kamya Turomwe appointment as the New IGG to replace Irene Mulyagorja ,Odongo Otto has come out to troll her saying that appointing her in such high office is a total waste of that office.
She is fuliginous ,competent and lacks integrity ,Otto says that Kamya is not worthy of post of IGG ,given her unclean political path and that she can’t probe any one may be those who are yellow.

He added that IGG office deserve some one who is lawyer because there is away lawyers conduct themselves.

“Betty Kamya as the IGG is a total waste of that office. I can’t describe her right now, she is fuliginous.

I have worked with her in FDC, she is competent but who will she probe? Is she going to probe those who are yellow?

It is going to be in public interest that she is blocked. We needed a lawyer for that position, there is a way lawyers conduct themselves.”, – Odonga Otto commented during NBS Tv frontline program.

FDC’s Ssemujja Nyanda added that Kamya was made a Senior Presidential Advisor just last month. What advice has she given that gets her appointed the IGG?

There is nobody that doubts Kamya’s competence, the question is do you want that competence in that office? .

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