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“Bebe Cool Told Me He Loves Me the First Day He Saw Me, All I Saw Was a Muyaaye”- Zuena Kirema

Gagamel Entertainment boss, singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool struck Zuena Kirema as a mischievous person and she had plans of changing him before getting married to him since the first time she saw him, says she only saw a Rascal.

The couple got married in a civil ceremony on September 12, 2003, at Crane Chambers. In 2009, they momentarily separated after reports emerged that he cheated.

Zuena and Bebe reconnected after he reportedly apologized publicly through his song Agenze.

“The first time we met, he told me, this is fast,… but I love you… you know, I was looking at a rascal; how do you tell someone I love you the first time you meet them? That’s super naughtiness…

I also had my plans, that if he tells me he wants to marry me, I will tell him to stop singing, cut his hair, change his dress code,… but nothing… But when I fell in love, I followed his lead,” Kirema said in a video that was shared online.


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