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“Bebe Cool taught us how to puff weed and chew miraa” – King Saha

Singer Mansur Ssemanda alias King Saha has opened how fellow singer Moses Sali alias Bebe Cool taught them how to puff weed and chew miraa way back then .

This is was after he was questioned about appearing on Bebe Cool’s list and his call to him to quit using drugs because they will end his life and career.

It should be noted that every year ” wire Wire ” singer comes out with Bebe Cool list where he ranks his artistes and songs of the year. Some artistes like appearing on his list while others hate him for that.

The list for 2022 was released a few weeks back and Bebe Cool couldn’t hold his comments as usual. He talked about the artistes that haven’t worked well throughout the year and those who did.

He addressed King Saha and Ronald Alimpa on issues of drug abuse. According to Bebe Cool, people who abuse drugs will never get anywhere in life especially those in the music industry.

While responding to Bebe Cool’s list he claimed that he would be gifting artists with houses come 2024 ,King Saha cautioned that he will win everything plus Bebe Cool’s martial home and force them out.

He also disclosed that Bebe Cool uses weed that even will put him on his death bed ,he went on to disclose how Bebe Cool taught them to use them how to abuse drugs way back then ,when he was told about the laws of Bebe Cool’s awards which includes not abusing drugs and insulting fellow artists .

King Saha went on to distance himself from the use of toxic substances as he noted that he quit them since he learned that they were harmful to his health.

King Saha is apparently on bed rest for a period of two weeks as he recovers from what he was battling.

He concluded by saying that he will respond more to Bebe through music that deeply stings his family since he has lots of songs in the studio only waiting to be released.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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