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“Bebe Cool is Greedy And Selfish” – King Micheal

King Micheal

Faded Dancehall musician King Michael Mugwanya can never get fellow singer Moses Sali aka Bebe Cool Off his tongue. Again has launched another verbal attack on him.

King Micheal who is always negative when asked about his relationship with Bebe Cool,during his recent appearance on one of local TV channels ,he blamed Bebe Cool for not inviting him to sing at recent concluded Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s birthday bash.

Alleging that Bebe Cool deleted his name from the list of performers for the day.

He bragged about how Bebe Cool is greedy and selfishness.That he can’t call you when there’s a lot of money.

He said that Bebe was paid a lot of money for singing at Muhoozi’s birthday ,but he won’t do anything developmental with the money .

Adding that Bebe should have hired BigEye who was with him during presidential campaigns that he pity BigEye because no one remembers him. Alleging that When Bebe gets dime he eats alone.

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