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Bebe Cool Is A Bad Hearted, Selfish And  Evil Person, Says King Micheal

Faded musician, King Micheal has expressed his grievances and hatred for musician Bebe Cool, calling him the most jealous, selfish and bad hearted person he ever met in this life.

King Micheal, who has always been critical of the Gagamel Boss revealed how he was meant to be on President Museveni’s Campaign team but Bebe Cool’s selfishness made it impossible.

Before the campaigns started, Micheal explained that he had approached Bebe asking to be placed on Museveni’s Campaign team. He even showed him his budget for the money he was hoping to get from the deal.

“I have never seen such a selfish, jealous and bad hearted person like Bebe Cool. I had been complaining about him for so long now you see he removed my name from the list of people who were meant to campaign for President Museveni and that’s why you don’t see me on the President’s campaign team.” the ‘Kwata Kwata’ hit maker said.

Bebe Cool

To his surprise, only Big Eye, Catherine Kusasira, Phina Mugerwa and Bebe Cool himself were unveiled as the immunized bazzukulu tasked with campaigning for Tibuhaburwa.

“It’s only Catherine Kusasira, Phina Mugerwa, Big Eye and Bebe Cool himself. Am so hurt because few days before the campaigns started, I met with him and told him about how I had budgeted for the money I was going to get from these campaigns but he didn’t consider me.” he further complained, in a recent media interview.

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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