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Bebe Cool Heaps Praises on Gen Muhoozi’s personality , Brands Him Humble and Good Leader

Celebrated Ugandan Musician Moses Ssail alias Bebe Cool has heaped praises on Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s personality , brands him humble and good leader.

While speaking  yesterday at Muhoozi’s popping ceremony while celebrating his promotion from Lt General to General , Bebe Cool said he doesn’t know much about Muhoozi’s personal life, but what he can say is that Muhoozi is such an exemplary leader who has shown alot of humility despite being the son of the president.

Claiming that if it was him in Muhoozi’s shoes , he would be driving a Lamborghini ,going to beach daily and buying the best houses before saying that Muhoozi is such a gentleman who is such a very good example of a leader.

“I don’t know much about your personal life, but this is what I’m gonna say to you… because I’m an artiste, I go to so many places, and people ask me questions about you because we are brothers. But there is something I keep wondering if anybody would have done it, or I myself would have been able to do what you do. How I would have been a son of a president for 30 years and I don’t drive a Lamborghini, I don’t go to the beach, I don’t buy the best houses,”Bebe Cool said.

Bebe Cool

“For all your youth life, you are such a gentleman, you are such a very good example of a leader or man who has grown up in true leadership surrounding yourself.”,he added.

Gen Muhoozi .K.


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