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Beatrice Kayanja Silences her Husband, Opens Up on her Relationship with Norbert Mao.


Social media over the past few day was flooded with a story of how Lord Mayor aspirant Beatrice Kayanja dumped her  UK based husband Martin Kayanja and came back to Uganda to be chewed and campaign for DP President Norbert Mao but now she has spoken out her side of the story.

Appearing in a video clip, Martin Kayanja accused Dp Presidential candidate  Nobert Mao of having snatched his wife and now she has silenced  the father of her four children, Martin Kayanja, to back off and give her time to concentrate on the anti-Museveni struggle.

This Saturday afternoon, this is what she posted on her personal account in names of Bea Kay  in response to his viral video cursing Mao: Tuli mu struggle munyumya mbozi za malwa na Jerome! Mbatidde.

This attracted social media users who are sympathetic to Mr. Kayanja to caution and counsel her to reconsider re-joining her husband and children in UK before it gets too late. Being one not to go down without a shaming themselves , Beatrice began responding to them one by one.

Watch the Video of Martin Below:

Replying to a one   Kyagulanyi Kabanda, she implied her husband might have been manipulated using money to begin saying things aimed at demonizing Mao in order to demoralize the broader struggle against Gen Museveni.

In another response, she protested why her husband had to go to the media overlooking all the other channels through which things could have been deescalated.

Below is her post:


Posted by Bea Kay on Thursday, December 24, 2020


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