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“Be Careful While Ushering Your Son into Politics”- Gen. Muntu Warns Museveni

The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) leader Maj Gen (Rtd) Gregory Mugisha Muntu has warned President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for taking what he called a slippery road by allowing his son into politics without first retiring him from the national army.

The former UPDF Chief of Defence Forces made his caution yesterday on NBS TV talk show.

” Although Gen Muhoozi has a right as a citizen of Uganda to run for any political office in the country he must first resign from the army”he said.

Gen Muhoozi has his own right as a Ugandan citizen to exercise that right as a Ugandan and run for any political office. The only problem I see if he is really interested in running as a President of the country, Gen Museveni who should be more experienced in these matters, should have first released him from the army because the moment you let Gen Muhoozi who is in uniform, a serving officer, trying to project him for politics, you are literally trying to drag in the whole national security apparatus, something which has its own problems, Gen Muntu added.

The former presidential candidate warned that Gen. Museveni needs to be very careful because the road he has chosen is very dangerous for him and Uganda as a country.

According to Muntu, introduction of the army into the countrys politics is intended to introduce fear within the masses and the opposition.

This regime survives on fear and renting political space by corruption and bribery. How do you think these people got lost? All of us were there, we took power in 1986, and people had hopedwe had thought that at that point there would be a totally new direction, but they amended the constitution, first time, the second time, now there are here fidgeting trying to manage a transition.

Muntus caution comes at a time when the First Son has just celebrated his 48th birthday which the Rwandas president attended after four years without standing to Ugandas soil due to Cordial Relations with Museveni.

The two countries recently saw their long-term cordial relations take a turn for the worse in 2019, when Rwanda closed its border at Gatuna/Katuna accusing Uganda of harbouring persons who posed security threats to Rwanda.

Kagame also accused Uganda of harassing and arresting Rwandan nationals in Uganda, although the Ugandan government denied these allegations.

Jolliebest Kasajja
Jolliebest Kasajja
Jolliebest Kasajja is a Ugandan Photo Journalist, Influencer, Photo and Videographer, Nnews Editor and Critic for African Politics.


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