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Banjo Man Explains Why He Hasn’t Released New Music

Fire Base Crew artist Henry SSentamu alias Banjo Man has revealed to why he has not yet released new music for his fans .

According to him,claims that he is not under any pressure to release new music that he only hits the stage or the recording studio to record new music when he feels like.

Banjo Man further opened up about his music career plans after being questioned whether he has been booked to perform anywhere during Christmas.

He revealed that it has to be a good sum of money that can force him to leave his family at home and go work on Christmas.

He went on to stress that lately, he prefers performing at live band events noting because it is dearly the kind of music that he loves and is set to put more effort in.

Banjo Man was previously one of the most active musicians from the Sentamu family which includes Mikie Wine, Bobi Wine, Dax Vibez, Irene Kayemba, and Eddy Yawe.

He is now a businessman and when he was asked about when he plans to walk his wife down the aisle, he said he is still keenly looking at it.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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