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Baby Gloria trolled for Wearing a Ring without being Engaged

Song bird, Gloria Mulunji alias Baby Gloria is currently in hot soup for wearing a ring yet she is not yet engaged to any known man.

Celebrating her birthday yesterday, the budding singer did not miss out on a staggering photoshoot as is the trend nowadays. She made no effort whatsoever to hide a ring on one of her fingers which made fans wonder whether she is engaged.

One fan was jealous that the singer at only 19 years had already found her prince charming yet those in late twenties are giving up hope.

“At 19 years babe has a ring cheeeeeeii Kati ffe aba late 20s no signs at all. Owaye omwana atulaze mature nange nentyamu” she wrote on Instagram.

However the talented singer was quick to deflect such thoughts and insisted she bought her ring herself.
Despite this assurance, Baby Gloria was taken to a series of lectures about why it is unacceptable for a single woman to put on rings, some hinting that thy contain evil.

“Happy birthday my darling, you looked wow naye the ring my dear Wama wait for the one of God but those are not good. They are made from underground” a one Rakaila Shaks chipped in.

“Ever since I knew the meaning of rings, I stopped wearing them untill my man slips it in.” chorused anotherwell wisher, Asiimwe Sylvia.

It is not clear if the musician will heed this advice. However, she maintained she made 19 years yesterday after some doubting Thomases said she could be 23 or 22.

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.


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