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B2C Singers Attacks Bebe Cool After Trashing their Song ‘It’s Okay’


Singing Group B2C have Clapped back at fellow musician Bebe Cool who trashed their ‘ It’s Okay’ Song.

According to the singing trio B2C , claims that Bebe Cool can’t think for them that his way of doing things differs from theirs.

That they can’t just earn from performing on weddings only ,saying that they did amapiano style while targeting international market from which they have benefited from it.

“Bebe Cool can’t think for us. His way of doing things is not ours. We can’t just earn through weddings. It We did amapiano targeting the international market and we have benefited,” the trio said.

Recently Bebe Cool came out ranting that B2C boys are are going off track and wasting their money by doing amapiano style of music .

Adding that they won’t be booked to perform the song at weddings.This was after the group decided to master their song ‘ It’s Okay ‘ in the amapiano style.

“They had that song “Gutujja”. It was a big song and I’m sure they can perform across Uganda with that. I can’t say the same about “It’s Okay”. They want to capture the international market, but I can tell you, money is here. They should focus on what makes them stars here,” Bebe Cool said in an interview.

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