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Aziz Azion Currently Feasting on Socialite Nana Webber’s ‘ Sumbie’

Most of you have been questioning the kind of relationship between the celebrated singer Aziz Azion and socialite Nana Webber are currently engaged in and from the news coming to our desk, the two ‘ love birds’ are seemingly chewing each other.

Nana Webber was one of the most feared man – eaters in Uganda before she dances her way into the heart of the white man.

However reports indicate that Nana Webber broke up with her Zungu lover and that Aziz Azion could be the replacement of her Zungu lover after Nana Webber dumping him.

The photos and videos that have been making rounds on social media truly prove the allegations that the two are currently cohabiting.

The two lover birds of recent been inseparable as the two were back stopped at the comedy store smitten before leaving with intentions written all over their faces.

And in another video shared on social media the two are seen locking their lips like there’s no tomorrow.

Aziz Azion & Nana Webber
Aziz Azion & Nana Webber

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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