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Asian nationals arrested by Ugandan Police over working permits


Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration together with joint security force of Police arrested more than 30 Asian nationals in Kampala City due to lack of working permits.

Over the weekend, individuals mostly of Indian, Pakistani, and Chinese origin were arrested for working in the city centre without clearance of the immigration department.

Mr. Simon Peter Mundeyi the Internal Affairs ministry spokesperson confirmed the development and said that most of the culprits arrested enter the country disguising as tourists yet come to run businesses in the country.

Some of them enter the country on student visas and experts in companies or on dependents passes (wives and immediate family members), but you find them working in factories, supermarkets and hardware shops without work permits, Mr. Mundeyi said.

According to Mr. Mundeyi, police and immigration will screen the suspects, upon which those found guilty Ill be deported as the operations will continue especially on the weekends, holidays, and at night.
We carried out our operation during the weekend because they think we do not operate on such days.

It was conducted within the law. Anyone who enters Uganda illegally has abused the laws of the country, Mundeyi said.

He further added that For those whose work permits have expired, they have been asked to renew them but with the help of their embassies in Kampala because many of them [foreigners] now attempt to change nationality after knowing their permits have expired, which is against the law.

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