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Ashburg Kato Constructs Mansion for His Parents Worth 300m

Latest news reaching Celeb Patrol indicate that former Bobi Wine and People Power aide, Ashburg Kato is constructing a palatial mansion for his parents valued at over 300m.

Kato, who now subscribes to Yoweri Museveni’s ruling party, NRM revealed the awe-striking news through his Facebook.

He explained that the citadel is almost finished and could be ready to use by 1st January 2021

“It’s now at 97% completion stage and InshAllah before 1st Jan 2021 it will be at 100% Allow me to say Alhamudulillah coz it has not been easy.” he wrote.

He dismissed comments that he had constructed it with his own money. He instead said he was helped both directly and indirectly by many people whom he will thank in person later on.

“To reach thus milestone, a lot of people have helped me both indirectly be directly.  Please, let me take this opportunity to thank then in person.” Ashburg added.

It should be reminisced that the blogger was once a close associate of Presidential contender, Bobi Wine but severed ties with him accusing him of selfishness. He since then joined NRM where he was reportedly awarded five cows.



To cut the long story short, this is the other ka hut I told u about. The one am constructing for my…

Posted by Ashburg Katto on Monday, November 9, 2020

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