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Ashburg Kato and Eddy Kenzo Announce Museveni T-Shirt Project

Famed musician, Edrisah Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo, together with reknown blogger, Ashburg Kato have announced a T-shirt project aimed at supporting President Museveni ahead of the 2021 General Elections.

Ashburg, while appearing in an interview on NBS TV explained that having sold off the cows he got from President Museveni, he (Kato) is the sole funder of the project.

“I am funding this project personally. I gave this project to my party bosses but they were delaying. However, since I got cattle from Museveni, I used the money obtained from their sale to start this t-shirt project.” Ashburg explained.

The shirts, Kato claims will have words like ‘No bullet after ballot’ and ‘Opposition is not my position.’ which will be in different languages. Ashburg hopes that Museveni will help him get over 4 million shirts.

“T-Shirts have words like No Bullet after ballot, Opposition is not my position. We. Want Museveni to help us get over 4 million t-shirts which will be in different languages.” Kato claimed.

Museveni – Eddy Kenzo

Ashburg further said that Eddy Kenzo is a supporter of peace and since Museveni’s gospel is peace,he supports Museveni and will also help run the project.

It should be noted that Ashburg Kato is a People Power drop out, having been bought over by NRM. Eddy Kenzo on the other hand is unpredictable in his political standing, having on countless occasions switched from people power to NRM and back.


So i sold my bu cows and invested all the money into this project… Surprisingly i am not aiming at…

Posted by Ashburg Katto on Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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