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Anita Among Sticks on her Decision Over Nyege Nyege Festival

Speaker of the Uganda Parliament Hon Anita Annet Among has insisted that Parliament will not withdrawal it’s decision over Nyege Nyege Festival.

On Tuesday the Parliament moved to stop Nyege Nyege Festival which is scheduled for September 15 at Itanda falls on grounds that it was promoting immorality among Ugandan.

However,on Thursday prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja cleared the festival to go on arguing that many foreign visitors had already paid for their tickets and alot of money have been injected in organizing it .

Over yesterday during the plenary sitting ,Anita said that the position of Parliament requiring the cancellation of the the festival still stands and it is now the responsibility of the executive to work upon the recommendation.

“This afternoon we had a meeting with a team from the executive, of course the team and the meeting was not meant to persuade us to get out of our position. We’re still on our position as legislature, we’re still there but what is to be done is the role of the executive. For us we have given our position…and we’re not in for whatever happens there,” said Among.

Among further concluded the debate on the matter warning that nobody will overrun the House, as long as she is still speaker.

“If you think you’re going to overrun parliament of Uganda, you will not do it,” Among emphasized. “I am elected by 415 Members of Parliament. The decision of this parliament on Nyege Nyege stands. The executive should do its part…for us we made a pronouncement.” ,She captioned the executive .

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KY Jamal
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