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Andrew Kyamagero, Linda Celebrate 4th Anniversary of True Love And Marriage


Four years ago NTV News anchor, Andrew Kyamagero commonly known as Omuntu Wawansi and Linda Ndagire decided to settle down as a Couple.

The two went on to say their vows in Civil wedding at Uganda Registration Services Bureau ( URSB) on 16th May 2019.

Andrew,through a post on his social media accounts , celebrates the love they have shared for the 14 years they’ve been together.

“Happy Anniversary, my Love! I can remember standing before the registra 4 years ago, staring into your eyes, and thinking that I could never love anyone as much as you. That feeling has only deepened with time. When I gaze into your eyes now, I realize that my love for you is boundless, it has increased exponentially on a daily basis since we said our vows. We have truly been blessed to have found each other.

As I reflect on our lives together, my mind is flooded with happy memories of times we’ve spent together. Although I realize there have been some tough times, those have only served to make our relationship stronger, and I’m so thankful for that we didn’t let those difficult times tear us apart.

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The last 4 years have been wonderful! We have seen some amazing places together. I hope that we continue to travel together and see the world. Do you remember when our daughter was born? I thought my heart would burst with love as I watched you hold her for the first time, tears of joy in your eyes.

All those ups and downs in life have only brought us closer and made us realize that no hurdle is too big to cross when you have the right person beside you. When I look at our happy family, I feel proud for what we have achieved, and I should say it wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Andrew Kyamagero & Linda

Thank you for all the dedication and sacrifices for the 14 years we have been together.”,he posted.
Lind has so far blessed Andrew with two beautiful kids .

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