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“Am in Love with a man I Cannot Be With” – Heartbroken Martha Kay Cries Out

Apass - Martha Ky

Comedienne Martha Kay Kagimba has come out to give reasons as to why she is not in a romantic relationship with any man.

Taking to her social media platforms, the reknowm Range Rover Girl wrote that she is in love with someone but she cannot be with him because their relationship isnot meant to be.

“Sometimes the person you want is the one you’re best without. You got to understand that somethings are meant to happen but just not meant to be,” she poated.

Martha Kay was once rumoured to be involved in a romance with singer Ykee Benda and Apass.

Curvy Martha is admired by quite a number of me. Two years ago, she broke the internet when her nude pictures leaked.

Ykee Benda – Martha Kay

The nudes are said to have been leaked by her unidentified ex-boyfriend although other reports say thieves who grabbed her phone from her released her nakedness to the world.

Martha sank into depression as it was too hard to deal with the reality of knowing that everyone on the web had seen her bare naked body. She took a three-month break. And during that time, Ykee Benda is one of the people who encouraged her to be strong.

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