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“Am going to sue Prasidia Nagasha for wasting my time and name”- Fik Fameica

Rapper Fik Fameica has threatened to sue Prasidia Nagasha over the Property song lawsuit should the case fail to stick, arguing that it has affected his brand and caused him emotional stress.

He says last week when he went to court for the case hearing, he was as confused about the case like the judge himself.

“Last week I was in court for the hearing of the case I know many people didn’t understand what was going on. And the judge was shocked by the shallowness of the case that he dismissed it, asking the complainant to go make it a real case and get back,” he said.

The rapper also says he thinks it’s his detractors behind his ‘Property’ song woes. Stating that there is no other way to explain why two years after dropping a song that has been widely consumed by women can bring him legal issues.

“I think there is someone behind my property song woes but I have failed to point a finger yet. The song has been out for two years and I can assure you it is one of my female fan’s favourite songs. Women love the song!” Fameica, his producer Artin and the Uganda Communications Commission were dragged to court by Prasidia Nagasha over the ‘Property’ song she has argued demeans women.

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Sean Musa Carter
Sean Musa Carter
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