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All You Need to Know About Victor Vybz Filmz, the Fast Growing Director


If you’re an avid fan of local television music shows, the name Victor Vybz is synonymous promising Video directors. He is one of the renowned music video producers the country has seen rise through the ranks in a short time.

With no prior training in the field, Victor Vybz’s works on screen are defined by a signature of good camera angling, creativity, special effects, good editing and good video storyline. And in just three months, his achievements are innumerable. Fresh from Atalanta Georgia USA

He eventually landed one, but as a person interested in the arts, he found sitting in an office too boring and he quit after only two months. A self-confessed mummy’s boy plus her Sister , the only people he didn’t want to disappoint with this decision was his mother and his Sister Dorah, who were supportive of him after a long punch-up over quitting a corporate job for producing music videos.

He came up with the name Victor Vybz (God lives) to show his parents that he was still on the right track. With a strong veneration of Vybz Kartel, he decided to use the phrase ‘VYBZ ’ for World Boss, and the rest is history.

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Born Victor Bunjululu is a. 24years old Congolose but raised and grownup in Uganda, DR Congo he refers to himself as a “child of television”, which he watched in big quantities that have come in handy in his line of business. He set out to bring innovation to a field which before his time was struggling. In 2018 he entered the music industry as a talented artist in the line of limelight , which enjoyed massive television play of His Nkwagala Video and opened doors for him.

“Since we are trying to map our videos onto the global scene, more creativity is needed and one cannot take on all the roles of director, producer, script writer, storyboard engineer – which is the case in Uganda,” he says.

Drawing a distinction between our local videos and those from countries such as South Africa and Nigeria which make it to international networks like MTV, Trace he argues, “Our artistes fear to invest in their products, yet sometimes the process involves using state-of-the-art technology not available in the country.”

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However, as a toast to his success, two of his productions have made it to MTV, Trace On My Mind by S.G (from Rwanda) and Clothes Off by Michael Ross, which raised moral eyebrows and was dubbed ‘too sexist’.

He argues that financing matters a lot in production of a music video.

An artiste has to part with between Shs 1m {USD500$}and Shs 10m, {USD5000$} to have a good product and those who can’t afford that, end up with mere photographs played as videos, a problem still daunting the quality of our music videos.Victor Vybz Flims also cites lack of better equipment, poverty (many artistes cannot afford good quality video shoots) and the few up-to-standard locations which are sometimes charged for exorbitantly.

In the same industry dominated by other multi-talented fresh stars like Zyga pix, Jah live , Kim XP,Great Make paste, Saint Jude, and others, it takes a man of steel to continue wheeling with his head high above the water. His other famous productions.

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