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All About John Katumba Biography, Education, And Political Journey

The 2021 General Elections saw the rise to fame of John Katumba who decided to contest for Presidency as an independent. He is much talked about due to his poverty stricken campaigns and how he feeds his campaign team and security guards ‘Kikomando, Namungoodi’ and other low key foodstuffs.  Few however know who really Katumba is since he got fame only as a presidential candidate. We thus bring you how John katumba rose from thatch to become the talk of several media houses.


Born in 1996, John Katumba was educated by a guardian as his parents and relatives suffered ‘acute financial fever.’  He went to Zion Standard Academy for his primary in Buikwe District. He later jumped to Central View High School in Mukono District for his O and A Level.

On reaching A Level however, his guardian started providing only part of his school fees. This forced John to resort to washing cars at bays where he was paid 1000 shs for every car washed. This, he did on weekends and holidays and would use the saved money to top up his fees and purchase scholastic requirements.

The 24 year old finally joined Makerere University Business School. (MUBS) where he pursued a degree in Transport and Logistics management He graduated in January 2020.


The ‘Katumba Oyee’ slogan owner did odd jobs for a living since s.6 after being dumped by his guardian. He had to raise his own tuition for tertiary education.

On top of washing cars at bays, Katumba also did brick laying and charcoal burning to steer his education ahead and also see to his nomination as a presidential candidate. He has no known blue collar job.

Political career.

J.K is the youngest person in Uganda’s political history to run for Presidency since the Amendment of article 102 (b) which removed age limits for Presidential aspirants.

He announced his intentions to unseat President Museveni in mid 2020 when he picked nomination forms. He went ahead to collect the 100 signatures required to contest.  He got nominated on November 3rd and is now busy campaigning for votes.

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