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Alex Muhangi Speaks Out on Fellow Bedridden Comedian Bujingo


Re-known comedian and CEO comedy Store Uganda Alex Muhangi speaks out on fellow bedridden comedian Hassan Kaberenge alias Bugingo after he allegedly said that fellow comedian refused to bill him out.

Alex Muhangi during his recent interview with one of local TV rubbish’s the allegations that as comedians refused to bill fellow comedian Bujingo who is currently struggling with kidney Failure. He revealed that Bujingo first approached them in 2019 for help and under Comedians union they managed to collect some money and that they accountant wired it for him but later Bujingo disappeared after getting the dime.

He added that this time round he never approached them as Uganda Comedian Association and that they just show it in the media but they have collected some money to help him out to go to Aga Khan hospital in Nairobi for operation.

A month back Bujingo came out seeking for financial support from mama Fina and Gen Salim Saleh to fund his surgery in Nairobi.

Comedian Bujingo

He revealed that he had earlier tried treating up himself and situation seemed to normalizing that he even got his wife pregnant ,however the situation has now worsened to extent that he can’t control his Urination process anymore.

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