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Afrigo Band Apologizes For Failing to Travel to Perform in Canada


Uganda’s oldest Jazz Band ,Afrigo was not able to perform for their fans in Canada , following a delay in issuance of their Visas by the US embassy .

Afrigo Band Was supposed to perform at the Uganda Canada Convention in Ottawa on 3rd July 2022.

The management of Afrigo issued statement over the weekend ,apologized for not being able to make it to Canada, revealing that they applied for visas back in May but they didn’t get the notification of approval until June 29,2022 which disrupted their travelling Schedule.

“Despite applying for the Visas in May ,we did not get the notification of the approval until June 29,2021.This disrupted our travel bookings despite the organizers making every effort that Included flying to Nairobi to get the stickers in time”,they wrote.

Full Statement

However promises to pay back their fans in an American tour that would cover Ottawa,Toronto ,Edmonton and Vancouver since they received their Visas now.

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