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Abtex Promotions Holds Freedom City Owners Accountable for Stampede Victims

Troubled events promoter Abbey Musinguzi alias Abtex Promotions has held Freedom City management accountable for the new year’s tragic in which 10 people died in a stampede .

Abtex was charged with 9 counts of Rash and Negligent acts before Mankindye Magistrate court over yesterday and he was remanded to Luzira prison until 10 of January .

The particulars of the offence state that Abtex and others “caused the death of Kibuuka Daniella by closing other outlets from the venue gates leaving only one small gate which cannot make over 20,000 people to move out easily or safely.”

While speaking to the media, Abtex wondered why he is the one who has been charged yet the management of the venue was the one in charge of the gates.

“What shocks me is that I am the one who was arrested yet it’s the management of the venue that deserves to be held responsible. My responsibility as Abtex (at the event) is to entertain people and make sure the advertised artists turn up to perform and I did that excellently,” Abtex told Spark TV.

“I was not in charge of the fireworks. The area where the fireworks display was to be held and how people were to access it was the responsibility of the management of the venue. I do not have keys to the gates at the venue.

“When it clocked midnight, the fans responded to the management’s arrangement to head to the parking area and watch the fireworks display so I wonder how I am the one in the cells and not the Freedom City management,” he added.

Erias Lukwago as well concurs with Abtex and adds that the police commandant on duty on that day was the first person to blame because he did not execute his role of controlling the crowd.

“The first person that should’ve been arrested is the commandant of police who was on duty. He should have shown how the crowd was supposed to be controlled in exiting and returning to the venue from the fireworks display. That was not done,” Lukwago said.

“The second person responsible is Ssebalamu. He is the owner of the venue who upon understanding that the fireworks display was his responsibility should have put in place means to control the movement of the crowds in and out of the venue,” he added.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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