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A Shocking List Of All the 13 Men Maama Fiina has Dated and Have Chewed Her Sumbie

List Of All the 13 Men Maama Fiina has Dated
List Of All the 13 Men Maama Fiina has Dated

Sophia Namutebi, a re known  traditionalist widely known as Maama Fiina last Saturday introduced her freshest man, Prince Tebandeke Kimera but here we have a list of all the 13 Men she has so far dated and have chewed her Sumbie.

Kimera joined the list of several loaded men that have slept with Maama Fiina which Celeb Patrol is more than happy to present.

Below is the Full List of The Mighty Thirteen (13) Men who have bedded her:

1. Maj. Muhammad Kiggundu.

Major Kiggundu was a no nosense senior UPDF soldier to whom the traditional dealer got married to in Kibuli mosque in 2015. A year later, her husband was however gunned down together with his driver, Sgt. Steven Mukasa.

Muhammad Kiggundu and Maama Phina
Muhammad Kiggundu and Maama Phina

2. Ismail Ssegujja.

Ismail was allegedly a best friend to the late Major Kiggundu and decided to wed her at Kololo mosque where he paid over 19 millions in bride price. He however dumped her in 2019.

3. Hajji Abdul Kiyimba.

Prior to Maama Fiina’s marriage to Segujja, rumour had it that she was secretly bedding Hajji Abdul Kiyimba, the NRM chairman in Wakiso. Segujja however seemed the best option and Kiyimba had to be dumped.

4. Ismail Ssekidde. 

Namutebi and Maama Fiina tied the knot in 2013. It’s claimed that he’s the one who converted her from Christianity to Islam.  He is best known to have defended her after her nudes leaked, forcing him to drag Red Pepper to court.

5. Ali Kyonjo.

He is the first husband of the reknown herbalist and the father of her eldest son, Rashid Kyonjo.

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6. Peng Peng.

The Sweden based blogger sent shockwaves amongst Ugandans when he shared a video of the herbalist and himself sharing an intimate moment during her visit to Europe on social media. It however didn’t appear to have gone beyond that.

Maama Fiina and Ismail Ssegujja
Maama Fiina and Ismail Ssegujja

7. Livingstone Kiggo Bukye.

Bukye is currently deceased. Rumours however had it that Namutebi shared secret romance with him.

8. Kitimbo Kawuulu Kagezi.

It’s alleged that Kitimbo also had a share of Maama Fiina and is the one who introduced her to witchcraft. Kagezi is still a traditionalist and is based in Seeta, Mukono.

9. Salongo Ben Gulu. 

Gulu is also deceased. He is famously known to have campaigned for Maama Fiina to become the chief of all traditional healers.

10. Kagwa Sebanakitta.

Besides romance, Kagwa was chosen as her vice president after she became the president of traditional healers.

11. Musangi  Kyabaggu.  

Also deceased, Musangi was her Secretary. Their love was strong but remained hidden.

12. Brown. 

It’s alleged that Brown had an affair with Maama Fiina before marrying off her daughter,  Sarafina Ali Muhammad.

13.  Prince Tebandeke.

Maama Fiina recently showed off her new catch, Kimera in a colourful ceremony after being dumped by Segujja.

Maama Fiina and Prince Tebandeke
Maama Fiina and Prince Tebandeke

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