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A Pass on Why He was No Where to be Seen At Eddy Kenzo’ s Festival

Last month ,singer Eddy Kenzo staged historic festival at Kololo Airstrip.

The festival brought together a number of musician s ,who graced and performed at Eddy Kenzo’s festival.

However, folks noticed that a few musicians wee not part of the event to show support to Eddy Kenzo.

Among the absentee ,was dancehall singer Alexander Bagonza alias A Pass ,who gave his reasons why he missed the event during an interview with local media .

According to A Pass , said that he didn’t attend Eddy Kenzo’s festival because he had better things to do like going to his bed and sleep rather than gracing Kenzo’s festival who which he wasn’t invited on.

He further explained to why most male musicians have been crying recently,he stated that some people dont attend concerts because they have better things to do.

“It is not a must that we have to attend everyone’s show, Gravity is not so bright that he started music, no he started singing because he was inspired by others. Musicians need to stop crying over small things, some of us have better things to do, I did not attend Kenzo’s show because I had better things to do, I had to go and sleep”- A Pass said.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
I am a Uganda born Writer , Entertainment news journalist , influencer , Marketer ,News editor and critic for the latest East African Entertainment news


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