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80 Year Old Tanzanian man Dies of Too much sweetness During S3x with Slayer

An 80 year old man kniown as David Muli sadly passes away  after intense intimacy with 33 year old woman identified as Neema Kibaya.

Reports from Dar es Salaam Tanzania indicate that David died on Saturday, January 16 in a hotel room at Mbezi Gardens where he had gone to have a great time with his lover.

Neema Kibaya has since been arrested in connection to his demise.

The sad news was confirmed by Police boss in Tanzania.

The police arrived at the area and found Mr Mluli’s body along with a woman who identified herself as Neema Kibaya.

Kibaya told the police about the love relationship she had with the deceased,” the police boss said after his officers received a phone call by the facility’s manager at 3pm on the fateful day.

The men in uniform took the deceased’s body to Mwananyamala Hospital for a postmortem to determine the cause of his untimely departure from the world.

Neema Kibaya
Neema Kibaya

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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